Frequently Asked Questions

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General Questions

How Does My Virtual Address Look Like?
After you successfully register with NRI BAZAAR, we will provide you a virtual address which will look like the below sample,
Name:Your name
Member ID:#NRI - 1000
Address Line 1:61, Codissia Road,
City, State, Zip:Coimbatore, TN 641004
Can I Use NRI BAZAAR Virtual Address As My Billing Address?
No, you cannot. The virtual address provided should be used only as shipping address. You need to use the billing address which is associated with your credit/debit card.
How Will I Get Notified Once A Package Arrived At NRI BAZAAR Warehouse?
We will notify you through email along with package dimensions.
How Long Can I Store My Items At Your Warehouse?
We store your items for FREE in our warehouse up to 30 days. We will charge 75 rupees per day post 30th day until your package is shipped,returned or discarded.
Can I Receive Mail (Letters/Catalog/Magazines) To My Virtual Address?
Yes, you can receive mail to your virtual address.
What Is Your Office Operation Hours?
We work from Monday through Friday morning 9 am to 6 pm IST.

Purchase Questions

What Does “Buy For Me” Mean?
If you have trouble ordering online, we can shop on your behalf. Once you sign up and login to your profile, you will find an option in your dashboard as “Buy for Me”. You must provide valid URL, quantity and price of the item. Our buying specialist’s will check the availability and price of the item and send you an invoice for the purchase. Once the payment is made, the item will be ordered and shipped to our warehouse. You can later consolidate the package or forward it to you.

Payment Questions

How Can I Pay For The Services Provided?
There are three options to make a payment- Credit/Debit Card, Net Banking and PayPal. With Card and Net Banking option you will be redirected to CCAvenue payment gateway, where you can use your credit card, debit card including Visa, Mastercard and American Express. With PayPal option, you will be redirected to PayPal’s website to complete the transaction.
Is My Payment Secure?
Yes, your payment is secure. We are using a secured payment gateway and our website is encrypted end to end (SSL).
Is There An Option To Save My Credit Card Information?
No, there is no option to save your card information.
Do You Accept Cash On Delivery (COD)?
No, we do not accept Cash on Delivery (COD) at this moment.
Does Your Shipping Calculator Provide Accurate Costs?
No, the shipping calculator provides you an estimate cost. It doesn’t not include customs duty, taxes & insurance.

Shipping Questions

Which Shipping Carriers Does NRI BAZAAR Uses To Forward The Packages?
Our current carriers are DHL, FEDEX and DTDC. We are working on partnering with more international carriers and it will be updated on the website.
What Is KYC? Is Photo ID Mandatory?
Yes. The Indian Central Board of Excise & Customs has put in place the KYC (Know Your Customer) guidelines which put an obligation on the shipping industry to verify the identity of the customer using reliable, independent, authentic documents, data or information. It is incumbent on us to have all the customer details including customer's Authorization Letter (AL) stored at NRI BAZAAR and available to be furnished on demand to the Customs Department for all shipments sent from India. Absence of these documents could mean delay in Customs Clearance.
What Does Volumetric Weight Pricing Mean?
Volumetric weight is calculated from the length, width and height of the package. If Volumetric weight is higher than the Package weight, Volumetric weight will be used to calculate the shipping costs.
What Does Consolidated Shipping Mean?
If you want to ship more than one package, multiple packages can be combined as one package to save on shipping costs.
How Can I Track My Package After It Has Been Shipped?
Once we ship your package, we will send you an email notification along with tracking information. Package details can also be found on your NRI BAZAAR Dashboard.
Does Shipping Rate Include Import Custom Duty And Taxes?
No, it doesn’t include.
Should I Have To Buy Insurance For My Packages?
We would recommend you get an insurance if your item is valuable.

Restrictions & Don'ts

Can I Receive Mail (Letters/Catalog/Magazines) To My Virtual Address?
Yes, you can receive mail such as letters/documents. Your letters can be scanned and emailed to you or forwarded to you.If the letters are scanned, you have the option to shred them.
What Kind Of Items Are Prohibited From Forwarding?
Please look at this link to know the list of prohibited items from shipping. Kindly note that we have right to not ship any items if they don’t meet the rules of the shipping carrier and customspolicies.

Return & Cancellation policy

What Is Your Refund And Cancellation Policy?
If you wish to cancel the purchase made though Buy for Me, we will be happy to refund your money if the cancellation is done prior to order being placed. We will refund your money back to your payment method. Note that refund may take few business days depending on your card’s/bank’s policy.
What If The Received Package Got Damaged Before Reaching The Warehouse?
We will notify you through email if you receive a damaged item. Also,we can help you returning your package to the shipper free of charge.
Can I Return An Item Before I Place An Order To Forward The Package?
If your seller accepts returns, we will be happy to assist you by returning your item back for free of charge.
What Happens If I Decide To Return The Item After It Has Reached Me?
We will be happy to help you for returning you items, but you will be responsible for the return shipping cost.

Other Questions

What If The Website Takes Long Time To Load?
Please clear your browser cache and try again.
How Can I Communicate/Contact NRI BAZAAR For General Inquiry?
You can reach us at [email protected] or use our contact us page.
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