AKAM Pana Kalkandu

# Pana kalkandu is a kind of rock sugar made from panam pathaneer (a sweet drink) which is extracted from the flower of palmera tree (panai maram).

# Pana kalkandu is good for health..it is used to reduce heat of the body & it has good medicinal value.. Add it in your food to enjoy the benefits..

# Kalkandu is crystallized sugar, apparently known as rock candy in English.

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# It’s generally made by dissolving sugar in warm water until it doesn’t dissolve any more, then seeding it with a few crystals and letting it cool.

# Over the next several hours/days, the stuff will crystallize out of the solution.

# Panam Kalkandu is the same process, except that it is done directly on the sap of a certain type of palm tree, which has a lot of sugar in it.

# The crystals are much smaller than you might get with cane/beet sugar. Think of it like crystallized natural unrefined sugar.

# Real Panam Kalkandu is not made from cane sugar–it’s palmyra sugar, from the palmyra palm, also called the toddy palm.


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