BLUE NECTAR -Anti Ageing Day and Night Brightening Face Cream

Anti aging cream for Oily skin: Wash your face with herbal face wash to strip of excess Oil and then apply Anti Aging cream

Anti aging cream for Sensitive Skin: This cream is a mild cream and and hence is suited for sensitive skin as well. Please do a patch test before to check for reactions or allergy prior to using the cream

Anti aging cream for dry Skin: This cream is a moisturising cream and you may not require an additional moisturiser along with this cream

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NATURAL, ANTI AGEING skin brightening day and night face cream for a youthful feel of skin. Experience visible improvement in skin’s ability to fight signs of ageing.
Saffron (for skin glow) , Sandalwood (helps fade scars), Manjishtha (anti bacterial) and Aloe Vera (fights signs of ageing) – NATURAL ACTIVE HERBS of this face cream, best known for their skin firming and anti wrinkle properties. Regular treatment helps improve the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.
Feel FIRMNESS OF FACIAL SKIN when using the cream due to natural astringent action of manjishtha and antioxidants. Regular and continued use of the cream helps preserve hydation and nourishes your skin by replacing lost moisture.
Blue Nectar Promise – No Parabens, SLS or Mineral Oil. Active natural ingredients augment natural ability of skin to fight signs of ageing. Protect your skin from harmful chemicals.
Suitable for ALL SKIN TYPES – Works well even with sensitive skin due to abundance of natural anti ageing ingredients.

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