Blue Nectar Chamba Wild Nargis Body Mist ,100ml

Blue Nectar Chamba Wild Nargis Body Mist has unique, seductive and mild aroma that makes it perfect companion for your daily office or evening party. Its long lasting aroma keeps you fresh smelling and attractive whole day long. Not only does it keeps you smelling fresh but it also calms your mind and senses that helps you think act and feel fresh!

Nargis flower is a form of Daffodils found in Kashmir and upper part of Himachal. Its aroma is unique, difficult to extract which makes it rare. We bet you wont find another person wearing same aroma in your office! As compared to deodorants, Wild Chamba Body Mist’s aroma is mild, soothing and natural. Natural recycled paper packing makes it premium gift product option for all near and dear ones.

$ 13.06

Body Mist with long aroma for whole day long. Safe to be sprayed directly on skin for long lasting freshness
Nargis flower is form of Daffodils and is cultivated in hills of North India. Its aroma is unique, rare and difficult to extract making it one of its type. It not only helps to relieve of body odor but also has calming effect on all senses
Convenient travel friendly pack. Helps you to have aromatherapy on the go any time anywhere
Packaged in premium handmade paper makes it suitable premium beauty product gift option
For Both Men and Women. For all age groups

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