Brand Madras South Indian Snacks | Karam (Omapodi (Plain Sev) 200g)


* Brand Madras Omapodi is made up of gram flour, rice flour, and some Natural spices (turmeric), 100% fresh and healthy snack.
FSSAI is Licensed and prepared hygienically by following all safety measures.
Authentic taste and flavor with less oil absorption and gluten-free. Low in calories, recommended for all age groups.
Brand Madras omapodi is the best south Indian snack with premium quality in quantity. No added preservatives, no added colors, and chemicals. Store it in an air-tight container once the pack opened.

* MFI Brand Madras Omapodi is one of the authentic styles of South India savories where it is made by using fresh and pesticide controlled rice and gram flour, and some natural spices, and cold-pressed oil from Brand Madras. Prepared under hygienic supervision and blended with all-natural spices and flavor. Preservatives free and no coloring agent added. Brand Madras is always ensured to give the best-flavored products and taste through the natural process of making by following the traditional south Indian kitchen recipes. Brand Madras Omapodi is one of the best snacks with low calories and makes a great addition to your meal and snack. Brand Madras omapodi is rich in vitamins and proteins so it can be added to your diet daily. All products are packed safely by following all safety measures. It’s easy to store by placing it in an air-tight container to enjoy the taste and crisp for a long time. Brand Madras Omapodi is the best snack for people who want to add some soft crunch to their diet plans.

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