CUDDLE N CARE Flexi Full Buckle- A Maze

These A-Maze Flexi Full Buckle carriers are designed for parents who look for 1 carrier that supports their babywearing journey, throughout. Supports 4-Way Carry positions. Can be used for front – tummy-to-tummy with newborns & infants, back & hip carry with toddlers.

They can be adjusted all 4 ways, on both the sides, at the middle of the panel, on top and at the bottom. These Flexi baby carriers are designed to provide Ergonomic M-Position seat to support newborn, baby and toddler, ensuring their safe development at all the growth stages. Same time, they fit the caregivers perfectly as the baby grows.

Help retain the right natural posture by supporting the baby’s hip, spine and back while you wear then in multiple positions. Flexi allows the baby’s weight to be distributed evenly, on the wearers with different body types.

$ 98.40

Suitable for babies 3.5Kgs onwards to toddlers 20Kgs.
• The adjustable waistband provides the right support and helps evenly distribute the weight for comfortable wearing. It measures 4.5“ in height and is 27“ wide. Additional webbing measures 30“ which make the total waist-band, 57“.
• Well-padded shoulder straps for a perfect fit. These can be worn crossed during long-wearing for extra support.   At the same time, can be worn straight.
• PFA – Perfectly Fit Adjusters make it easy to breastfeed while babywearing.
• Adequate leg-out padding supports the baby’s thigh during long wear.
• Hood to provide privacy while nursing, to support baby’s head while sleeping and to protect from the sun.
• The body panel height is 16.5” and the seat width is 16”. Panel base width can be clinched from 8” as the smallest setting to 16” widest. The panel height can be clinched from 11” as the smallest setting to 16.5” tallest
• The body panel width can be adjusted from 7” to 16.5”
• The weight of the carrier is around 650 to 750 Gms”.
• Handwoven fabric- 100% cotton.
• Always wash your carrier once before first use. The natural fibres have a tendency to colour bleed a little hence wash separately for the first few washes.
• These, easy to care carrier go more breathable and softer with subsequent washes. They are lightweight and foldable to be carried with ease, using a small space in your diaper bag as you travel or shop.
• Cuddle n Care recommends to soak your carrier in the saltwater for a few hours and rinse with plain water.
As the fabric that we use is handwoven, there could be variation in the colour, texture, weave and may have an uneven finish.
• This should no way be considered as any flaw of the defect as they are inherent to hand made fabrics.


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