CUDDLE N CARE Ring Sling- Rangoli Ikat.

# Ring Sling is a long rectangular cloth carrier with two rings sewn to one end.

# It is worn by threading the “free” end through the rings and wearing the sling looped around the wearer, generally from shoulder to hip.

# They are stylish, easy to use and affordable baby carriers.

# The one in the picture is a Rangoli Ikat Ring Sling from Cuddle n Care.

# Cuddle n Care Ring Slings are light weight, breathable, sturdy yet comfortable, made with hand-woven natural 100% cotton fabric.

# This makes them suitable for various climate types.

# The fabric used is sourced locally to support and promote the weaver communities originating from different regions in India.

$ 53.22

# They can be used for our baby since birth (3.5Kgs) to toddlers (15 Kgs).

# Gathered at shoulder, they are approximately 2 Meters long, fits perfectly for all body types.

# These cloth baby carriers are made single layered for the ease of wearing so the fabric glides easily through the rings.

# With no breaking in required, they can be used for our baby since birth (3.5Kgs) to toddlers (15 Kgs).

# The fabric tends to get softer with each wear.

# Can be used with your new-born baby in the cradle position and later in upright position once baby learn to hold their head.

# Ring sling allows multiple ergonomic carry positions like cradle, tummy-to-tummy and hip carry.

# Handwoven fabric- 100% cotton


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