KALYA SHASTRA Anantam – Everyday Face & Body Cleanser

DESCRIPTION: Anantam powder cleanser with mind glowing fragrance & herbs ‚there were few phenomenal, luxurious herbs & roots that wasn, used in gaura in higher ratio because of the formula. And anantam has those prized exquisite herbs in larger proportion that give that hypnotizing rooty, citrusy fragrance. Yet, this can also be used for new born babies & super sensitive skin too. The fragrance is so natural & will keep you wondering which herb has given that cherishing fragrance.

No soap challenge ‚ anantam is a luxurious powder cleanser. Its rooty, citrusy fragrance is its huge strength. it also helps sensitive skin & babies to go. No soap & go. All natural traditionally with powder cleansers. Let us unclog our pores. Let our skin breathe. Let‚Äôs protect our biggest organ of our body with anantam

Key Ingredients: Loads of good vibes, care, affection & prayers + licorice, vettiver, saffron, tulsi, basil, mint, almonds, pomegranate seeds and more

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Benefits: Cleanses & soothes skin, moisturizes skin. You will smell so natural for all day long. Helps remove sun tan, soothes skin that has eczema or rosacea. Brightens skin. Has Anti-inflammatory properties

Usage: Take 1-2 spoons, mix with plain water. though not mandate, allow it to soak for 1-2 mins. Use this paste to apply on wet skin and gently massage in circular motion and if possible leave it for 1-5 mins & then wash it off with plain water. It‚also perfectly ok even you can‚Äôt leave it for 1-5 mins. Use this everyday for face wash & bathing to see results.

Suits all skin types. Also suitable for the sensitive skin, super dry skin types, babies & kids

Test patch before use. store in cool and dry place

Store it in cool and dry place


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