MOOV Fast Pain Relief Cream – 50g

A 100% Ayurvedic preparation for quick pain relief. Fast and long lasting relief from muscle pain, neck and backache, inflammation, sprain, myositis, fibrositis and sciatica.

$ 3.76

Backpain can occur while doing everyday tasks like lifting heavy objects or wrong posture at work/home. Most people try and ignore the pain but it’s only going to bother you if you don’t treat it. If you suffer from back pain, try Moov cream, the “Pain Relief Specialist”. It is fortified with the power of “4 active ingredients” that gives quick relief because it penetrates deep inside, gives a warming sensation that relaxes the muscles giving you long-lasting relief from pain. It is 100% natural ayurvedic preparation. A Proprietary Ayurvedic medicine.

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