PATANJALI Yog Sadhna Avam Yog Chikitsa Rahasya.

Yog is not only meant for the ascetics, devotees and yogis living in caves, but it is equally important and beneficial for the ordinary people living with his/her family as well.

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It is surprising to note that we are ready to fall into the trap of two-hundred-year-old allopathic system of medication and willingly victimising ourselves economically, physically and mentally, but are reluctant and ignorant towards thousands of years old yog knowledge, which is not only practical but also a free medication system. Had this been just a mystic science, then why would have Krishna given this advice to Arjun? Yograj Swami Ramdevji has done a great service by preserving this knowledge, which was losing its base and re-establishing it for Indian mankind. Therefore, he is not only worthy of respect and faith of millions of Indians but the entire world

Languages Available:
• Tamil.
• Gujarat.
• Urdu.
• Punjabi.

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