Pigeon All in One Ceramic Cooker, 5 Liters, Black/Transparent

Highly versatile cooking solution for everyday use:

Your daily cooking chores don’t have to be a cumbersome task involving several utensils to cook a single dish. With the Pigeon All-in-one super cooker, you can pressure cook, boil and steam your favourite dish in a single utensil. Featuring 3 different lids – a pressure cooker lid, a transparent glass lid and a strainer lid, you can achieve unparalleled versatility and convenience in cooking using this unique pressure cooker. Cook your favourite dishes including sabzis, curries, rice, dal and more with this pressure cooker from Pigeon.

Elegant design with Robust build quality:
Made from high quality virgin aluminium with a hard anodised base, the Pigeon All-in-one Super Cooker is rated to last for a long time, even with rigorous daily use. Featuring food-grade quality materials, you can safely cook your daily food in this cooker without fear of contamination. The outer pressure lid is made from robust stainless steel and ensures that food particles do not stick to the surface while cooking. Featuring an induction base, this pressure cooker provides extreme versatility and thanks to its elegant design, you can also use it to directly serve your food at the dining table.

Easy to clean and maintain:
The hard anodised surface and sturdy construction of the Pigeon All-in-one Super Cooker ensures easy maintenance. Simply use liquid soap solution and a soft cleaning sponge after use and avoid using harsh abrasive cleaners to help retain its looks and functionality for a long time.

$ 67.99

  • Can boil, steam or cook healthy, nutritious dishes in an instant
  • Comes with three different lids for versatile use.
  • Made from highly durable food-grade virgin aluminium.
  • Features a hard anodised base.
  • Outer stainless steel pressure lid to ensure zero residue on the surface.
  • Induction base for maximum compatibility.
  • Color: Black and Transparent.
  • Material: Virgin Aluminum and Stainless Steel.
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