PLUM Chamomile & White Tea Calming Antioxidant Toner, 200ml

A splash of calm filled with antioxidants from 7 different sources, this alcohol-free toner is just what your skin needs to calm down and get ready to face the world again. Why use a toner. Using a toner after face wash not only helps your skin settle down well before applying SPF, it is also a wonderful way to feed nutrients to your skin. This toner is filled with antioxidants from 7 different plant sources to help calm, revive and protect your skin from the effects of oxidative damage.

$ 9.94

-Gentle alcohol-free toner for everyday use.

-Can be used before and after sun exposure – soothes & calms skin.

-Soothing chamomile, rooibos leaf, white tea, green tea and olive leaf extracts.

-Antioxidant-rich white tea, Gingko Biloba and olive leaf extracts.

-100% vegan, paraben-free & phthalate-free – as always!


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