Prestige Apple Plus Inner Lid Aluminium Pressure Cooker, 5 litres, Red

Highly Efficient Pressure Cooker for Everyday Use:

This super durable and efficient Prestige Apple Plus Inner Lid Aluminium Pressure Cooker is stylish and modern cookware that is designed to be incredibly safe. Remain hassle-free and be assured of the product being easy to use as comes with a highly dependable weight valve, metallic safety plug and an inner lid that ensures your safety in the kitchen. This trendy cooker comes with a capacity of 5 litres, making it ideal for large families.

Amount of Rice cooked: 500 grams.

Anti-Bulge Induction Base: Moreover, the induction base allows the use of this cooker on an induction top as well as a gas stove. This feature allows the even distribution of heat while cooking. The anti-bulge base ensures smooth operation and long-lasting durability, even with everyday use. From cooking rice dishes to steaming vegetables, this cooker is multipurpose nature and is extremely handy for you in your kitchen.

Bring Home Quality: Designed and manufactured by Prestige, this cooker ensures incomparable toughness and durability. The sturdy handles ensure a firm grip of the cooker while the state-of-the-art design is visually appealing. This cooker requires minimal maintenance as it is dishwasher safe.

$ 68.75

  • Stylishly designed pressure cooker for a modern kitchen.
  • The hard aluminium body ensures durability.
  • Ensure sturdiness and a firm grip due to the double screw handles.
  • Features an anti-bulge induction base.
  • Includes a self-locating pivot, which adds to the convenience.
  • Be assured of safety as the cooker comes with a new weight valve and metallic safety plug.
  • Colour: Red,
  • Material: Aluminium.
  • Package Contents: 1-Piece Inner Lid Aluminium Pressure Cooker (Capacity: 5 Litres).


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