Tata Tea Chakra Gold Elaichi Tea – 250 g

Tata Tea ; Chakra Gold ; Elaichi; Cardamom; Flavoured Tea

How to Use
* Bring fresh water to boil and add a pinch of tea leaves.
* Add Milk and Sugar as per taste.

$ 6.02

     # A blend that combines the unique flavour notes of real Elaichi with a rich strong taste of Assam teas.

# Tata Tea Chakra Gold is one of the most premium mass offerings from Tata Teas.

     # It is the second largest tea brand in South India launched in 1985 as Chakra Premium Dust Tea, the brand was renamed Chakra Gold in 1989 and has a heritage of about 30 years.

     # Selected and blended by Tata Tea experts, its uniqueness lies in the superior balance of premium Assam teas, known for their strong and lingering taste. This differentiated offering is a hallmark of premium quality teas in the country.


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