VALARBIO Bio-Degradable Areca Plate, 10″ Square, pack of 10

Areca leaves are 100% Biodegradable and eco-friendly to use. The shed leaves are used to make plates and other products without chopping the trees. The plates are perfect alternate to plastics/polymer-based products and also paper-based products about which the entire world is concerned about.

$ 9.92

The use and throw Palm Leaf Plates / Natural Leaf Plates/ Areca Leaf Plates and Cups made out of Areca Leaf are 100% biodegradable and compostable. These hygienic, non-odorous, non-toxic, lightweight plates and cups made out of Areca leaf are environment-friendly. An economical disposable alternative for all catering occasions. These areca leaf plates and areca leaf cups need no wash

There are no chemicals or additives used in the entire manufacturing process. It is 100% chemical-free. Also, the entire process leaves very less Carbon Foot Print when compared to other disposable alternates in the market.


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